Mission Statement

Our purpose is to teach children first, gymnastics second. In a fun and stimulating format, tots to teens alike will be trained to think and then respond with purposeful controlled movement thereby improving sensory functions that help with developing a healthy positive self-image.

We offer a wholesome environment in which our students may learn gross motor, fine motor, social and language skills along with the ability to perform the skills that they have learned. Parents are always welcome to watch their children from the waiting room.

Our Recreational Sequential Gymnastic Program is a comprehensive developmental program designed for gymnasts of all ages. Through a fun and enjoyable learning experience of sequential gymnastics, students will enjoy the rewards of physical and mental fitness.

Our Competitive Gymnastic Program is for the highly motivated gymnasts who want to test the limits of their abilities. This type of placement is for the student who demonstrates the physical capabilities and mental readiness for advanced gymnastics and expresses a desire to participate in the competitive events along with the support of their family. However difficult competitive gymnastics may be, we remain committed to the love and enjoyment of the sport. Competition is not necessarily a natural progression for all students.

Opening in 1995, New Vision Gymnastics’ experience and growth, along with our dedicated staff, truly reflects our mission statement with patience, focus, love for children and love of the sport.